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Nature & Wildlife Expeditions

Join us on an extraordinary photography & natural history tour and enjoy nature’s most awe-inspiring destinations.

Falkland Islands Wildlife Tour

Antarctic Peninsula

This special “Deep South” Expedition sails to the far reaches of the Antarctic Peninsula to fulfill your once-in-a-lifetime experience of crossing the Antarctic Circle…
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Galapagos Islands Photography Tour

Enchanted Galapagos Islands – 2025

Explore and photograph the Galapagos Islands aboard the yacht Samba. Spend your days and nights exploring, photographing and snorkeling in this enchanted…
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Alaska Wildlife Photo

Coastal Grizzly Bears of Lake Clark

Take a bush flight to the seldom visited Lake Clark National Park to walk amongst Alaska brown bears in the…

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Aurora and Arctic Wildlife in Early Winter

Aurora and Arctic Wildlife in Early Winter

Explore the remote arctic of Alaska during early winter when arctic wildlife is most active preparing for winter, the seasons’…

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Denali Photo Tours

Denali’s Spring Wildlife and Wildflowers

Experience the crown jewel of the National Park system, Denali National Park, from our comfortable custom Sprinter van rather than…

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Winter Arctic Alaska and Northern Lights

Explore the remote arctic of Alaska during late winter when days are beginning to lengthen and temperatures warm, but ample…

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Brown Bears Calving Glaciers

Brown Bears & Calving Glaciers

Explore a wildlife rich slice of Alaska, set in the scenic wilderness settings of Lake Clark National Park, and the…

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Polar Bear Photography Tour Kaktovik

Arctic Alaska Photo Tour – Early Winter

Traverse the amazing Alaska landscape of boreal forest, tundra and mountains while photographing Arctic wildlife and landscapes, polar bears and the northern lights…
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Alaska Arctic Polar Bear Northern Lights

Arctic Alaska Photo Tour – Autumn

Explore the remote arctic of Alaska during the most spectacular time of year when fall colors blanket the tundra and…

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Grand AK Sea Otters

Grand Alaska Voyage

The Grand Alaska Voyage, guided by naturalist and photographer Hugh Rose, is the ultimate Alaska land and sea adventure featuring the very best of Alaska’s…
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Polar Bear Photo Tours Arctic

Polar Bears Photo Tour

Have you dreamed of photographing polar bears? Join us as we journey to the edge of the Arctic Ocean to photograph and observe magnificent Polar Bears…
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Polar Bear Photography Tour Kakovik AK

Alaska’s Arctic

Spend nights photographing the magical Aurora Borealis and days immersed in the Arctic autumn with wildlife and Polar Bears. Cross the Arctic Circle…
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Falkland Island Seven Island Circuit Tour

Falkland Islands

Trek through the most diverse wildlife habitats in the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). Take in the abundant seabird colonies of Gentoo, Magellanic…
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