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Nature & Wildlife Tours

Hugh Rose Photography is Alaska’s premier small-group adventure travel experts. For over 20 years
I have been providing exclusive natural history & photography tours to some of the
most remarkable destinations in Alaska and around the world.

Winter Arctic Alaska and Northern Lights

Explore the remote arctic of Alaska during late winter when days are beginning to lengthen and temperatures warm, but ample…

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Brown Bears Calving Glaciers

Brown Bears & Calving Glaciers

Explore a wildlife rich slice of Alaska, set in the scenic wilderness settings of Lake Clark National Park, and the…

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Polar Bear Photography Tour Kaktovik

Arctic Alaska Photo Tour – Early Winter

Traverse the amazing Alaska landscape of boreal forest, tundra and mountains while photographing Arctic wildlife and landscapes, polar bears and the northern lights…
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Alaska Arctic Polar Bear Northern Lights

Arctic Alaska Photo Tour – Autumn

Explore the remote arctic of Alaska during the most spectacular time of year when fall colors blanket the tundra and…

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Galapagos Wildlife Tour

Enchanted Galapagos Islands – 2020

Explore and Photograph in the enchanted Galapagos Islands aboard the yacht Samba with photographer Hugh Rose and outstanding Galapagos Guide…

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Grand AK Sea Otters

Grand Alaska Voyage

The Grand Alaska Voyage, guided by naturalist and photographer Hugh Rose, is the ultimate Alaska land and sea adventure featuring the very best of Alaska’s…
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Extraordinary journeys for those who want to experience the world. View all of our handcrafted tours.

Natural History & Photo Tours


Since 1998 Hugh Rose has been leading guided natural history and photography tours throughout Alaska’s remarkable wild places, showcasing the stunning wildlife, birds and scenery of one the world’s last frontiers. Whether it is the north slope of the Brooks Range or the Antarctic Peninsula, high latitudes are Hugh’s passion when it comes to photography and guiding tours. Hugh made his home Fairbanks Alaska in 1997, and has focused much of his photographic and guiding career on the arctic and subarctic environment of Alaska since. In addition, annual trips to the deep-south to guide and photograph the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic wildlife and environments during austral summer as well as semiannual trips to the tropics for a contrast to the high latitudes, has led Hugh off the beaten path in search of unique photographic opportunities.

From northern lights and polar bear tours in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to small-group land and sea voyages in Prince William Sound each of our trip itineraries was thoughtfully handcrafted to take the traveler with photography and natural history, interest to some of the most scenic, flora and fauna rich, dynamic, photogenic and remote places in Alaska.

Keep the Group Small

Our philosophy is to keep the group as small as possible. This allows us to move through the landscape with the least possible impact on wildlife, people and environments where we visit, while at the same time giving you the traveler the maximum amount of attention from the guide and greater space in vehicles

Handcrafted Itineraries

With over 20 years experience designing the best itineraries possible, we have searched out what we think are the best possible places to take you for natural history wonders and photographic opportunities. Through personal connections made over many years with lodge owners and outfitters we are always treated like old friends, wherever we visit.

Education and Photography Focused

Every trip is a learning experience, whether you are interested in natural history or how to interpret animal behavior in order to get better photos. We want you to go home from our trips feeling like you learned something new!

Hugh Rose
Hugh Rose

A Naturalist, Geologist, and Photographer with over 20 years of professional guiding experience. Hugh’s passion are the vast landscapes and incredible wildlife of Alaska and the Polar Regions. This is evident in is inspired leadership, education and stunning wildlife photography.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for photo and natural history tours is to take people to the most interesting, off the beaten path places, away from other tourists, where photographic opportunities abound and one has the opportunity to immerse in the natural world without interruption. We take people in small groups to unique places, providing the maximum amount of time in the field, while cultivating an appreciation for the place and wildlife we are observing and photographing.

We strive to accomplish these goals while having a minimum footprint on the local people, land, environment and wildlife. We are committed to sustainable tourism and aim to do our part in supporting environmental protection, wildlife conservation and being responsible adventure travelers.

It’s a great time to travel. I hope we get an opportunity to share an adventure together to some wild place! If you’re excited about exploring and ready for adventure – contact Hugh Rose Photography!

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