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Hugh has made the impossible possible for me. Travel that was too remote, too difficult, too advanced for my photography skills has been happily accomplished with Hugh’s careful leadership. With his guidance, I have traveled the Dalton Highway beyond the Arctic circle in winter, successfully photographed sky shattering aurora, watched bloody mouthed Polar bears gnaw whale bones, and learned that during hibernation an Arctic ground squirrel’s heartbeat can drop to one beat per minute- ALL astonishments for me!

Daunting tasks were transformed into playful times through his skill, patience and good humor. Cold and darkness proved no problem and we would find ourselves laughing and whooping as the aurora unspooled above us. Long drives were constantly interrupted for musk ox photo ops, gaudy red and yellow landscapes, and learning about Alaskan history and wildlife through Hugh’s vast knowledge.

Of course I hope to travel with Hugh in the future- I want even more joyful personal experiences of our astounding natural world!

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