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Arctic Alaska Photo Tour – Early Winter


Join veteran and experienced Alaska photographers and naturalists, Hugh, Ron and Nan on a photographic adventure in Alaska’s high Arctic. Traverse the amazing Arctic Alaska landscape of boreal forest, tundra, and numerous mountain ranges including the Brooks, while photographing the wildlife and landscapes with an emphasis on Northern Lights and Polar Bears. This tour is scheduled during early winter in the arctic and corresponds with the regions first significant snowfalls, shortening days and colder temperatures. Many hibernating mammals such as black and grizzly bears have gone underground while caribou and musk oxen are beginning their “rutting’ season. Most migratory birds have already departed south, but polar bears are reveling at being back on snow and ice after the heat of the arctic summer! Statistical peaks of aurora borealis activity are the autumnal equinox so chances for photographing aurora are high at this time of year!

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